What’s Up At ARI? Weekly Update Letter 4/25/2013

We are changing our “Shabbat Shalom” posting and adding a “Weekly Update” that will be posted earlier in the week. We are doing this so we can feel free to tell you about things that can be purchased, or about various needs, and not appear to be doing that on Shabbat. We will continue to wish you “Shabbat Shalom,” but will post our other information earlier in the week.

Great News! Lenny and Varda are recording a new CD! For the next few weeks they will be in the studio to complete CD #10! The anticipated release date is the end of May.

They have asked for prayer for the provisions to finish the project, including studio recording time, artwork for the cover, its final pressing, and for travel and accommodation expenses. If you would like to contribute to this important project, donations can be made through:

Go Lenny and Varda!
We want to again remind you of our Shavuot offering of three special books. Israel – Empowered by the Spirit by Wallace Smith and Batya Wootten; The Promise of the Father by Jim Brown; and, The Voice – Hearing the Almighty by Batya Wootten. The three books are a $47.60 value for only $30.00, including US shipping.

Read these inspiring works and be empowered by the Ruach!

See: An Empowering Package.pdf

We created a graphic for Facebook that we feel helps to explain what happened to the Disciples on Shavuot: We know that they were empowered from on High, and we are suggesting that it may have appeared to look like a seal from the Almighty. See below:

Please continue to pray for and financially help, Daniel and Sylvia Calderon. Dan is doing incredibly well and is even working to help prepare for our coming Gathering! You can help them by clicking on our “Support” Link, and choosing Daniel and Sylvia.

The initials for ALLIANCE of REDEEMED ISRAEL are A.R.I., the Hebrew word for Lion; which comes from arah, which means to gather. We hope you will join us for our upcoming Labor Day A.R.I.SE Gathering in Orlando. Some of our Speakers will be:

Dr. John Conrad, Wally Smith, Marvin Taylor, Frank Houtz, Kelly Ferrari, Daniel and Sylvia Calderon, Angus and Batya Wootten, plus many others. Some of our music ministers will be Lenny and Varda, Kelly Ferrari, and our own Will Spires! Our Rooms Rates are a bargain price for such a nice Hotel! Mark your calendar today! Plan to join us!


Alliance of Redeemed Israel
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