Yom Teruah and You!

Are we missing the true meaning of the Feasts of Trumpets?

We think that may well be the case…

We need to re-examine this feast, especially in light of the instructions given in Numbers 10:1-10. To catch the vision we need to understand that trumpets depict voices, that Yom Teruah is the only feast that falls on a New Moon (which depicts a time of darkness), that these verses that give instructions for celebrating the New Moon, and that in these things, we see a picture of the call of Yom Teruah. We see that two (Ephraim and Judah) silver/purified trumpet/voices are sounded/cry out the truth, and their unified call serves to gather the whole house of Israel/all twelve tribes! Their unified call also serves to remind the Father of them and to save them when they are in battle.

We are in a battle now, and on Sunday, at our ARIse to Worship Gathering, we will hear a call to come together from Ken Rank, followed by a report and a plea from Israeli Tour Guide, Hanoch Young. We will then have a brief Yom Teruah celebration and David Jones will present a stirring message about “Worship and the Warrior.”

In the afternoon, we will hear from Bill Cloud, who will help lift a “cloud” that once came over those of scattered Ephraim (Ezekiel 34:12). He will present a truthful and stirring message about our call to return and cling to “The Corner Stone.”

In the evening, we will be blessed with a fun and interactive “Trackin’ the Tribes” Event with Theresa Miles & Kathy Mardirosian. To join in this fun, you need to send us right away, the names of those in your party, and tell us what countries you think they may have come from (info@redeemedisrael.com Also see ARIse Info and link below).

We will experience all of this and that’s just one day!

And the other days are just as exciting!

We hope you will join us for this unique and encouraging time!

In case you missed it, we posted a Poll titled, “On Which Feast Day Do You Think the Messiah Will Return?” Once the survey is closed we will write an article that includes a brief Summary plus all of your comments. To participate in this interesting survey and cast your vote, click here: http://conta.cc/127TEAK

Header KOD A&B BlueIf you haven’t done so yet, we encourage you to order the life-changing book, “Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness.” It is the only Feast book that focuses on the restoration of ALL Israel. It includes a brief introduction to the truth about “both the houses of Israel” and their call to be reunited, to become one stick in the Father’s hand in the last days (Isa 8:14; Eze 37:15-28). Its message is both current and inspiring. It is a book that will greatly encourage you in your faith. Order it here:

If you can’t join us, please pray for our upcoming ARIse to Worship Gathering. With all of our hearts we want it to be a special time wherein the God of Israel moves on the hearts of His people with a new, greater, and more powerful understanding of His call on our lives.

And now, we invite you to also join for friends for a awesome event!

Two Houses – Two Sticks… together as ONE!
Join the congregation of Beit Minorah for an ALL ISRAEL GATHERING!!!

Shabbat (Saturday) August 24th at 2:00PM at the Old Becknerville School in Winchester, KY (Directions Below)

Come and take part in this blessed event, hear teachings on the most repeated prophesy in Scripture, the coming reunification of all of God’s people.

Speaking first will be Hanoch Young, an Orthodox Jew who is coming in from Modi’in, a city just to the north of Jerusalem. Hanoch will speak on “Tribes, Torah, Return and Restoration”… a sharing of his unique understanding of who prophetic Ephraim is, how he sees a reunification with Judah coming to pass, and why we should begin to build bridges between our peoples. Hanoch will also share an update from Israel and thoughts on the movement to rebuild the Temple.

The second speaker will be Frank Houtz from the Dry Bones Restoration Company. Frank will share his understanding on the reunification of the Whole House of Israel showing how this teaching is one of the two main emphases of the overall theme of the Apostolic Writings (NT).

The last speaker will be Ken Rank, who will summarily tie the first two talks together while offering a challenging perspective on the current state of prophetic Ephraim.

Don’t miss this prophetic event!

If you can’t make it to Kentucy, try to make it to Orlando!
Hanoch, Frank and Ken will be with us on Sunday!
Click here for more info.