Introducing the New Primer – August 2013

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From the Book

O house
of Ephraim Israel
and house of Judah…
the Father called your name,
a green olive tree, beautiful in fruit
and form. But because of your sins, He
pronounced evil against you. Yet take heart,
O house of Israel, take heart O house of Judah,
for YHVH has promised: It will come about that after
I have uprooted and scattered them, after some have
become like degenerate, foreign vines, then My com-
passions will again be kindled and I will regather them.
I will bring them back, each one to his own inheritance,
each one to his own land. Yes, this is My promise to
them. For these two olive branches are My two
chosen witnesses. And I will grant authority to
them, for they are the two sons of fresh oil
who are standing by the LORD
of all the earth.
-17; 12:15;
Hosea 1-2;
Zechariah 4:11-14;
Revelation 11:3-4.)

Long ago the Father divided Israel into two houses, Ephraim (Israel) and Judah. As His two witnesses He sent them in different directions to serve two purposes, to establish His immutable truths of Law and Grace. Now, in these last days, He would have them come together and confirm His truth in the earth. That is the simple truth behind this book. As you read it, remember the simplicity behind it: Two houses – Two directions – Two different purposes – Now is the time for them to be reunited.

Who Is Israel?
Redeemed Israel – A Primer

From the Back Cover:

Who is Israel?

Why do we even need to know? Is it not enough for Believers to know that we are “in Messiah”?

Our answers to these questions are extremely important. They set the course for how we interpret Scripture, how we determine who the Father’s “chosen” people are, and how we define His end-time plan for them.

Whether realized or not, our answers to these questions play a profound role in our lives. In the game plan of the God of Israel, the people of Israel are the primary players. If we do not know who His players are, we will not understand His game plan or be able to properly play the game.

The people of Israel are the family of the God of Israel. They are His chosen people. But who makes up this family, the Jewish people or the New Covenant Believers? Both?

Batya’s classic books about Israel have changed thousands of lives. In the Primer she offers a brief overview that quickly explains Israel, the Church, the mystery of the fullness of the Gentiles, the blindness that has affected both houses of Israel, and the Father’s master plan to fully unite their two sticks in the last days (Genesis 48:19; Isaiah 8:14; Ezekiel 37:19).

Great change is coming to Messiah Yeshua’s Body. Read this little book and find out why so many Believers are getting so excited! Power-packed and only 96 pages long, the book includes illustrations, maps, charts, plus three review chapters that can be used as Bible studies! Just read the outline statements and the verses listed and you have a quick study of life-changing truths!
Batya makes a complicated subject easy to understand. The information found in it will enrich your relationship with the Holy One of Israel. It will inspire Jewish and non-Jewish Believers (Judah and Ephraim) to become the promised one new man, and it will help us to better prepare for the return of our Messiah. Read it today and be blessed!

This handy book offers charts and graphics, plus three chapters with outline statements followed by Scripture references that can be used in a quick Bible Study. The following note is typical of the type of response we receive from the book:

“I am just ‘coming into the Messianic study’ and I am thrilled Someone has given me several copies of your book, Who Is Israel?, Redeemed Israel, A Primer. I have a hard time keeping one since there’s always someone, especially family, who I hope will be helped and blessed by an under-standing of who we are. May you be blessed daily for your sharing this with so many. It just seems such an ideal place to start. Blessings, PW.”

Imagine what would happen if each person who reads this Herald would pass out 10 copies of the Primer: Thousands of people would be able to quickly learn the truth about both houses of Israel and their coming restoration! That is not to mention the seeds that would be planted with those who receive a book!

We make the Primer available at a low price because we understand the need for inexpensive and effective handouts.

We offer it an extremely low prices:
1 copy $4.95, 3 copies $10, 5 copies $15, 10 copies $25.00. Copies in quantities of 25 or more are only two dollars ($2) each.

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We want to thank all of you who helped spread the word with the First Edition and pray that you will do the same with this Second Edition. Remember, for “All Israel” to be gathered, many more need to hear the truths that are so concisely told in this Primer.
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