We much prefer speaking of the positives in the lives of Believers, but sometimes, we feel that we need to refute detractors, for the sake of those who may not know the truth. While we appreciate and embrace constructive criticism, we do not receive criticism that is based on misrepresentation. Some people set up a “straw man,” a false assumption about what we teach and then proceed to tear down their mistaken assumption. Thus it is good for people to know that what is being torn down is not something that we want to lift up in the first place.

It is in that spirit that we respond.

  • We have been countering the false claims of the so-called Ephraimite Error for many years. We offer a complimentary PDF titled, The Errors of the Ephraimite Error.  It gives a brief history of some of our exchanges to the false claims of our detractors. You may download a copy of the booklet [Here].
  • A hard-copy version of this booklet can be purchased in our Marketplace.
  • Sandy Bloomfield, a Jewish Believer, offers a compelling Introductory Video that calls for all sides to walk together in peace. Click [Here] to view this video now; right click [Here] to save this video to your computer.
  • “What is your Reply to MJA Criticism?”
    Years ago, Orthodox Jew, Yair Davidy posted the following letter from Batya Wootten on his web site concerning the teachings of the Messainic Israel Alliance and the false claims of the Messianic Jewish Alliance.


  • A Series of Letters Written by Rick Erb to Various Messianic Leaders
    Attorney Rick Erb sought to use humor to appeal to men in leadership who have opposed the truth about “both the houses of Israel” (Isa 8:14; John 2:19-22). Document includes letters to Daniel Juster, Jonathan Burnis, Joel Chernoff, and Reliegh Washington, and others.

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