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A Package deal on Three Great Books!

A Package deal on Three Great Books! Set Includes: Israel: Empowered by the SpiritRedeemed Israel-Reunited and Restored; and The Voice… Hearing the AlmightyIsrael Empowered is written to Messianics who want more. It offers a unique Hebraic understanding of the gifts of the Ruach while encouraging both faith and balance in the life of Believers. Redeemed Israel is a life-changing classic about Ephraim and Judah and their full restoration. The Voice… shows the absolute importance of us learning to hear the voice of the Lord in this hour. It tells of the Patriarchs hearing and obeying Him and encourages us to learn to do the same. [Order]

A Trilogy Special: Three books that are changing lives!

This specially priced book package features Redeemed Israel, which is the latest edition of Batya Wootten’s classic works on the identity of the people of Israel. (It replaced the seminal classic “Who is Israel?” books.) The package also includes a copy of Restoring Israel’s Kingdom, which offers many insights into the Kingdom of Israel, its past, present, and its future restoration. The book, Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness is inspiring in that if offers new insights into the feasts of Israel, plus celebration suggestions that honor the feasts and depict the restoration of “both the houses of Israel” (Isa 8:14). It is truly a unique and enlightening Feast book! [Order]

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