What is your Reply to MJA Criticism?

Years ago, Orthodox Jew, Yair Davidy posted the following letter from Batya Wootten on his web site concerning the teachings of the Messainic Israel Alliance and the false claims of the Messianic Jewish Alliance.

Question: In articles that Brit-Am replied to an unfavorable impression was given by others concerning the Messianic Israelite Alliance headed by Angus and Batya Wootten.

How does Brit-Am relate to this?


In the above Question no.1: (“What is your Reply to MJA Criticism?”) we replied to an article against Brit-Am “Ephraimite” type beliefs.

In this article the Messianic Israel Alliance (MIA) headed by Angus and Batya Wootten was also criticized.

Likewise Brit-Am replied to another article which though written by somebody else depended in part on similar sources to the first one and quoted somewhat-negative statements made by Angus Wootten who it is now stated was unfairly quoted out of context.

See the above Question no.5 ( “Brit-Am, The Jewish Aspect, and Eddie Chumney.” Brit-Am and Brit-Am type beliefs have been unjustly attacked by elements associated with the so-called “Messianic Jews”. Are “Ephraimites” preferable?” ).

All this does not really concern Brit-Am. We had been requested to reply to criticisms made that reflected on Brit-Am beliefs and we did so. In the process negative claims made by others against the Messianic Israel Alliance (MIA) headed by Angus and Batya Wootten were brought up.

A protest was received by us saying that an unfair impression had been created.

We therefore welcomed the following note by Batya Wootten clarifying the situation. In this note Batya clearly and unequivocally refutes any negative impressions the article may have given and says that on the contrary the truth is only positive.

[Before reading this note I would earnestly request everybody not to associate us with any form of Christian doctrine whatsoever nor to involve us in any way in disputes that do not concern Brit-Am beliefs].

From: Batya

Shalom Yair,

I received your note inviting us to dissociate ourselves from the negative points being posted by and about “Messianic Ephraimites” and I thank you for the opportunity.

As you know, there is a distinct difference in actually quoting someone verbatim and surrounding a word or two in “quotes” with opinions of what the supposedly quoted individual actually said. In other words, personal interpretation of a statement does not equal a verbatim quote of what was actually said.

The paper posted by the MJAA against us is comprised of malicious and unfounded slander. It is lashan hara in its worst form and its perpetrators need to be ashamed of themselves. We refuted Dan Juster in a bound Report that was published and delivered to him more than ten years ago, yet he and his compatriots continue to defame us, despite our many claims to the contrary (see “Is the Church Ephraim: A Report”


The MIA posted an open letter decrying the MJAA error: “We Declare These Truths To Be Self-Evident.” This twelve page brochure includes a letter from the MIA Shepherds Council that outlines many key beliefs held by the Messianic Israel Alliance. It also refutes misunderstandings put forth by some regarding our beliefs


I (Batya) wrote my first book about both the houses of Israel in 1988 and have written several books since then, the most well known being “Who is Israel?” Many people have, in my opinion, taken my work, and the works of my husband, and turned them into bad rewrites. They have taught about Israel’s two houses but have, again, in my opinion, misrepresented Israel’s God with their meanness. However, we cannot be held responsible for the sins of others. It seems that the only fair thing is to judge each one based on their record.

For the record, we have always taught that it is the God of Israel who has brought the Jewish people back to the Promised Land. We have never spoken against Judah, and we stand against those who come against them. We encourage those who believe they are part of the Lost Tribes, or Ephraimites, to have a servants heart when it comes to their Jewish brothers. We believe the only way that Ephraim has any hope of returning to the Land would be at Judah’s pleasure. Moreover, we teach that our God planned it this way, because He wants Ephraim to be a help to Judah and not a hindrance.

As for the Messiah, we believe that is Yeshua, but we do not seek to win people to Him with talk. If we cannot win people to Him with our walk, perhaps we need to remain quiet.

In summation, we have had countless lies told about us and what we teach, but they are always based on errant interpretation. People need to learn the difference between a legitimate quote and a fabricated story that is promoted with malice of forethought.

(http://www.messianicisrael.com/MIA/hope.html ).

Again I thank you for the opportunity to sound off.

Shalom to you and yours,

Batya Wootten

See http://www.britam.org/Questions/QuesChristianity.html#articles